Current Issue

Volume 2 – Issue 9, September 2020

American Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development


1 Integrating New Life Skills as Learning Outcomes in Education through the Use of Project-Based Learning

Abdelaaziz El Bakkali
Country: Morocco
Page: 01-08

Cultural Studies
2 Increasing Students’ Entrepreneurship Awareness through Citizenship Knowledge

(A Study on Students at STKIP Pasundan Cimahi)

Meiwatizal Trihastuti, Dinie Anggraeni Dewie, Yayuk Hidayah

Country: Indonesia
Page: 09-15

3 Gender Differences in Career Aspiration among Public Secondary Schools Students in Nairobi County, Kenya

Dr. Mwaura Margaret Nduta

Country: Kenya
Page: 16-25

4 Mimesizing and Adapting: A Study of Dinning Table in Product Sculpture Practice

Country: Nigeria
Page: 26-31

Arts and Design
5 To Evaluate the Perioperative Outcome of First Episode of Acute Arterial Occlusion of Lower Limbs

Rajarajan Venkatesan, Marunraj Gnanasekaran*, Subramaniyan SR, Sathyanarayanan S
Country: India
Page: 32-35

6 Activity of Artemisia Annua Capsules Versus Artemeter Lumefantrine On Uncomplicated Malaria.

Djoko Ernest, Tagne Motchoffo Landry, Tagne  Frank , Chougouo Rosine, Moyou Roger, Wouessidjewe Denis
Country: France
Page: 36-44

7 The Socio-Cultural Background of the Temporal Changes in the Ratio of Suicides in Sri Lanka: A Sociological Review

Dr. Ubesekara Dissanayake
Country: Sri Lanka
Page: 45-50

8 A Review on COVID-19: A Global and Sri Lanka Perspective

Saman Nanayakkara*, Piumi Nakandala, Upuli Nakandala, Indumathie Nanayakkara
Country: Sri Lanka
Page: 51-70

9 The Effect Of Current Ratio, Debt To Equity Ratio, Return On Assets On Earning Per Share (Study In Company Group Of LQ45 Index Listed In Indonesia Stock Exchange 2011-2015)

Adithia Nugroho, Rafki Mohammad Nazar, Dewa Krishna Putra Mahardika
Country: Indonesia
Page: 71-83

10 Effects of Entreprenueurship Education on Economic Resuscitation of Oyo State, Nigeria

Country: Nigeria
Page: 84-90